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  1. Amazing game. One of the few modern horror games that actually feels fresh in its implementation. It gets generic at times but it always finds a way to surprise you. The ending really falls flat but its still in early access so it may be improved in the future. As it is it's still a great experience but you may want to wait until its fully released to have a good experiences before you spoil all the surprises in the early access version
  2. This game is all style. Rally really good style if you like creepy, gloomy, nightmare like aesthetics. The gameplay itself is okay but it's a simple platformer. It can get really annoying specially in chase sequences because being a physics based platformer all kinds of buggy behaviour may happen but if you like the artstyle you don't be dissapointed. This is the kind of game where you can get loads of new screensavers from.
  3. This is the kind of game that I like the idea of it more than the actual implementation I like the mechanics in theory but they somehow fall flat when they're all together. In general the game is still worth playing if you like exploration but it sorely needs something to do in the late game. I wish the map changed as time goes by that would make it interesting to explore in the late game
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