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  1. Man I remember playing the Flash games for this series, I hope this is just as good as those.
  2. This game is seemingly impossible to beat as to progress you have to do stuff that you wouldn't think of doing unless you look it up online or come across it by accident. I want to like this game but I just can't.
  3. I like this game a lot but the bits where you're on the road are way too punishing to the point where I have never beaten a single run of this game.
  4. I haven't been able to beat any of the levels in this game and while I do like the graphics and references to horror movies, I do agree that this game is way too cryptic for it's own good.
  5. The PS4 remake looks cool if a bit edgy looking.
  6. This game looks sick but seems to be in Development Hell at the moment. Which is a shame since the graphics and creature design looks amazing.
  7. This is Gaming Crack. I personally can't stop playing this and steal time from other parts of my day just to play it.
  8. Act 2 for this game is out now and it's using the Unreal 4 Engine. It looks pretty cool.
  9. You're referring to The Secret World, and the reason why it reminds you of it is because this is the same park featured in that game.
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