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  1. Really tried liking this, but the puzzles just kinda suck in that linear, obviously not obvious logic sort of way. It's only pulling point is the story, which is segmented through chapters that really lack cohesion, rendering the whole thing unsatisfying.
  2. Brilliant game, but definitely not for people who like vanilla Metroidvanias. Mechanically nails its attempt to be 2D souls. It's just severely lacking in customization/ weapon upgrades.
  3. Brilliant little take on the souls Metroidvania. Controls aren't rough more than they are intentionally precise. Great boss battles, and the part rogue-lighty system works well with branching paths. Could've done better with equipment and character customization. If you like 2D Souls games like Salt and Sanctuary, and stuff like Dead Cells, you should absolutely play this.
  4. Gave this a shot for 2 hours and couldn't get behind the pretty awful twin stick combat. Shame, because it has some good vibes and progression parts.
  5. If anything it's the Oregon Trail text segments that completely ruin the experience. You can play as well as you like in the actual gameplay segments to completely screw yourself over with some random events that have no inkling of common sense to the outcomes. They should have made a non-text mode
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