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  1. Mhh mhh! Absolutely fantastic game, albeit more of a sidescrolling puzzle adventure than a platformer. The game starts with a slow burn, but gives you a simple goal that keeps you moving forward through a story that just gets more tense the more diversions you're forced to confront. Sure, some of the puzzles along the way can get a tad convoluted, but pretty much everything stays somewhat reasonable (i.e. crush the baby with the tube to stop it from crying, but don't shoot it). It ends in quite a satisfying way that also leaves you with enough questions to get excited for an already released sequel. In my opinion, both are well worth their time, and personally I can't wait for the third part in the trilogy. Little sidenote, it's also available on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. From the trailer and original description pitch, I pictured this as a "Dead Space-esque - spaceship repair, but without the monsters"-game (a concept which I absolutely yearn for), but it doesn't quite reach that. Sure, you reactivate some systems, but it mostly just happens through clicking the same button on the same type of computer interface every now and then. It relies much more heavily on the whole walk around and read up on what happened to the crew/ship shtick with very simple puzzles inbetween (similar to The Station), which is fair enough. However, (unlike The Station), the game suffers from excruciatingly long loading screens between miniscule map sections, which I presume is a product of the attempt at producing extremely good looking graphics (lens-flares and completely reflective surfaces everywhere), though in my opinion that wasn't worth sacrificing more reasonable load times. This comes in addition to a high-school writing class level drama, with voice acting that was absolutely grating to me. I had to put the game down at the start of chapter 3 over how annoying and arrogant your pilot sidekick sounds, and didn't return to finish it until today to write this comment. But, on a redeeming note, at the start of chapter 3, there's an arcade machine with a little arena shooter mini-game that I sunk nearly an hour into.
  3. Can't really recommend; while the game looks quite nice, and there's an interesting concept behind it, the game is very short, has an odd ending, holds only very basic puzzles (think 'bring battery to battery receptacle'), and is virtually on-rails, as going off the pre-destined path just nets you a barren boring wasteland. It's nice that the developer let's you out, but either put something in the desert, or don't let me get lost at the edge of the map. My point being, it's alright if you can get it on sale for roughly $1.
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