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  1. I have a suggestion for a Game Dungeon episode moving forward: Time Commando It isn't on your list- but it is a 1990s Action game that definitely has a ton of quirks and I can easily see it being a very entertaining episode. There are 2 versions, the PC and the PS1, the PC version requires DOSBox if you can find it. It played WAY better on the PC in my opinion.
  2. I have been playing this game off and on for YEARS and it is purely because I couldn't bring myself to finish until recently. Initially I thought the game was fairly creepy and it had great atmosphere. As time went on, the game was no longer scary and became a bit of a drag. I finished the game purely because I felt like it was taunting me to finish. I wanted to know the whole story. Would Rate: Hazy I would even go on to say that this is the DEFINITION of a hazy game. A game you keep coming back to, but after playing it for an hour or two, you decide to move on to something else. But you keep coming back until it is done.
  3. One of the single greatest one-time play games I have ever experienced. The banter is fun, fresh, witty and believable- the story is entertaining and downright clever. But, it is playable essentially only once. It's more of an experience than a game, but I knew that going in. Would Rate: Fantastic
  4. This is one of those games that is fueled primarily by young kids who have the bravery of the average pug. The game is neither scary, nor is it fun after about 10 minutes. The story is practically non-existent and is anything but entertaining. I do not like this game, and it is purely because initially, I thought it had a lot of promise. Everyone has a creepy neighbor and wonders what skeletons are hiding in their closest, this explored that pretty well at first. There should have been a whole cast of neighbors each a separate stage which has unique challenges and increasingly creepy neighbors until you are essentially living next to Jason, Freddy Krueger and Blackula. Trains running through a house perfectly encapsulates how stupidly convoluted the game became. Would Rate: Love and Hate (Mostly Hate)
  5. Fun game- but once you beat it- there isn't much else to do. Replay value is a huge deal to me, as it indicates how fresh the experience is, and how well the game can keep your attention. After awhile, I felt like I was playing the game just to see how it ends, and less because I was legitimately interested in exploring the map. Lots of fun little quests to do- but eventually, everything feels similar. Would Rate: Hazy
  6. Stellaris is for the SUPER strategic and tactically minded among us. I haven't successfully finished a game because the gameplay is VERY long. It is however, designed to be that way, like Civilization in Space (but not the actual Civilization in Space). Random generation makes the gameplay. LOTS of content, and the Steam Workshop is always a plus. I think all games should have modded content- really improves the life expectancy of a game. Would Rate: Good (almost Great) I love the exploration and early stages, but once the game becomes Galactic War III, I start to lose interest.
  7. The more fun version of Terraria. Has an actual story instead of a series of random bosses. Super fun to play and has tons of replay value. However- it is basically Space Terraria- and having played Terraria extensively- I eventually got worn out on it. Would Rate: Great (If you haven't played Terraria) Good (If you have)
  8. This game has only been getting better and better- and it is being developed by people who remember the original Command and Conquer and Warcraft- the golden era for RTS gaming. The one thing it needs is something to alleviate the grind of exploring or expanding your colony. A lot of times it comes down to ordering 50 soldiers from position to another, rinse and repeat. The waves are definitely what makes this game great. Would Rate: Great!
  9. Great horror game, but has absolutely 0 replay value. Has an interesting storyline (which can drag on at times if you are impatient- I am super patient). A lot of movies have depicted amusement parks as scary, this is one of a small number of titles for games that accomplishes that. I would rate this: Good
  10. One of the best 1st person base-building underwater exploration games of all time. A category of which I can only think of one title- this one- thus making this game really stand apart from others. Great immersive gameplay- has some story if you care for a deep dive (I didn't.) Really just a window into a possible alien world. Would Rate: Fantastic
  11. Very fun game and interesting playstyle. Has a small amount of replay value, which is probably its biggest weakness. Needed some sort of customization or flavor in the building aspects. But all in all, very fun game- worth a play! Would Rate: Good
  12. Amazing game- and I use the phrase "Rock and Stone Brother!" in my DnD games- the flavor of the game really brings out that teamwork mentality, which is SO hard to accomplish in other co-op games. (Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance I and II, Portal 2, etc). Would Rate: Great (Can be changed to Fantastic as it updates)
  13. I played the original Dead Frontier- and it was quite amazing. Too bad that this iteration of the franchise is DOA. There were dozens of browser-based Zombie Survival, City Exploration games- my favorites were the grid-centered ones where you explored a vast city cell by cell looking for loot, avoiding (or sometimes hunting) zombies and other survivors. Can't remember the name though. Would Rate: Doubt
  14. Timber and Stone has been completely abandoned, but the concept was pretty good- even the gameplay (what was developed anyway) wasn't bad. Would Rate: Love and Hate (was good until they stopped updating)
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