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  1. Sickle


    The dialogue felt a little off or unnatural to me and there was way to much of it. I also felt a little bit disconnected because the main point of the game (if you want the good ending) is saving lifes as expected of the mc profession. But the mc just completely ignores the hundreds of enemies he kills while casually walking trough the city, similar to how GTA's storyline ignores all your police rampages, except Vampyr wants to be taken seriously. In the end I couldn't get into the game and got really bored, gave up after a few hours. Here's hoping for Masquerade 2.
  2. Sickle

    Bad North

    A seemly simple "desperate defense" or "last stand" game with controls suited for mobile platforms. It has a nice difficulty scaling as the game goes on so, it keeps you on your toes. The atmosphere is great for such a small game, growing increasingly tense with an ever present impending doom vibe throughout the campaign. Not a bad time, definitely could go worse.
  3. Sickle


    I use this game's soundtrack for night driving, for some reason makes my right foot just a lil more heavy on the accelerator.. But I'm sure that's not a problem.
  4. Sickle

    Postal 2: Paradise Lost

    Its more Postal 2, but with a post-apocalyptic-old-west style reskin on the whole original Postal 2 map and a split personality disorder for the Dude. The dlc is as janky as the base game but playable unlike Postal 3, an easy buy if you enjoy the base game.

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