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  1. Love the pacing in this game, really feels like a true successor to Diablo 2.
  2. This game came out 8-12 months too early. Visual elements of the game are great but they don't take advantage of it enough as some areas look bland and dark. Build diversity is low as there are not many skill choices and the only viable option to push in endgame is to go for aliments and any other choices do significantly less damage. Endgame also has that issue in a lot of ARPGs now where the numbers scale way too high, way too fast. I bought this game in alpha years ago and the game changed dramatically from what was presented back then which is a shame as the alpha was closer to GD/D2 but now its a lot like most modern ARPGs with insane damage numbers and huge gaps between viable builds and non-viable builds.
  3. Very similar to Diablo 3 in playstyle with big "1m dps" numbers right as you get into endgame which only get higher with time and has the torment scaling difficulty system. Characters can switch skills and their talent trees for free so there is no point having multiple of the same class as there are no permanent or annoying to change decisions. The base 4 classes are pretty close copies of Diablo 3 classes as well. The art team took advantage of the Warhammer Fantasy license and some areas look great. Hazy for me it has systems I don't like from Diablo 3, but I don't mind playing Chaosbane while I can't be bothered to pick up D3 ever again. Edit: Unlike Diablo 3 (PC version) the game does not need to connect to a server to play the game.
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