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  1. Rather short, but has nice graphics and a decent plot. Though that's not why I liked this game; The AI you can interact with has tons of witty and dry dialogue. Forgettable if not for that aspect.
  2. Very casual, but sometimes that's what you want after a long day. Has a serious 'just one more try' vibe. The game barely explains anything to you, but discovering everything for yourself is nice on its own.
  3. I expected nothing and was blown away. You are a cute ship exploring an abandoned facility, that alone should convince you to give it a try. Delightful colours and pixel graphics, amazing 8-bit soundtrack. Tons of upgrades, bosses, gunplay.
  4. This one felt kind of unfinished. Nice setting and premise, but an overall hollow experience.
  5. It's pretty, i'll give you that. But the mysterious setting felt more like a carrot on a stick than something that actually gets resolved in a satisfying manner. The pretty scenery is a small comfort with all the backtracking.
  6. Yes, the main premise is teen drama and occult mystery, but the spooky atmosphere is spot on. Soundtrack is brilliant and story serves its purpose. Personally loved it.
  7. I liked this one. Very minimal, but nothing that comes between you and the game. Boot it up and do some casual parkour.
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