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  1. Looking at the trailer: Gee, I wonder if this is one of those LucasArts kind of adventure games?
  2. Has a very interesting manual, some interesting gameplay mechanics but the gameplay doesn't live up to today's standards. If you want something like this, play the Fallout games. Also, Visions of the Aftermath: The Boomtown is another critically flawed game that has some novel concepts - namely, like Burntime, the concept of -crafting-
  3. It's pretty comparable to Paradox's other grand strategy games. Gets boring after a while.
  4. Played this one for about a hundred hours, very similar to Rimworld. Also, the demons need giant penises, with no dicks they don't look scary at all and I can't stop laughing at them
  5. I've put about a hundred hours into this one, it got constant updates and probably is a lot different from what I played 2 years ago. Combat gets kind of repetitive, almost all of it is too easy but very occasionally characters die for stupid reasons
  6. Some interesting concepts but really needs procedural generated maps. The story is okay but it's not a thousand hour game.
  7. Ha ha if you see a torrent guess who put it there I'd love to see a Game Dungeon on this one
  8. The good news is if he plays it we get a new Rimworld channel, the bad news is he'll lose his source of income and he won't talk about anything else. I've played this one for about 2000 hours. This and Don't Starve are games that you merely take a break from, you'll never be completely tired of them.
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