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  1. Looks like a game Mandalore would like
  2. I have played the full game with a friend in coop. Its good at some points but after having finished the game the feeling that it left me with is....Meh
  3. This game really clicked for me and i finished it in 2 days. i had a great time!
  4. This game took a while for me to "click" but when it did...Man this is some real fun. Its more fun when playing coop (max 2 in my opinion) The game uses the same engine as "The hunter: Call of the wild" and the recreation of Sweden is uncanny. I would recommend
  5. yea i have this in my steam library because i liked the art style but i cant remember anything from it so....i guess not so good.
  6. This looks like a game Mandalore would enjoy
  7. I played the demo and it was ok..ish...Left me with pretty dull experience. Its also going to be full life service so that will not help with the quality i guess
  8. Still very early EA title. Many features are being added i recommend waiting until it has more features
  9. Still in early access but solid ARPG already. Enjoyed this one very much and am awaiting the next content drop
  10. Its also on PC now (HD version) i enjoyed it very much when i played it on my Sony Xperia game phone back in the day
  11. Pretty fun game! Has resident evil 1 vibes but is not so bad on the jump scares
  12. Seems to be a dead game. Last update was in 2015 according to the steam forum. Don't bother
  13. The art is fantastic. That is all that is good. Combat is very repetitive. There is no exploration at all. Lackluster content and lying developers. Since before release people have complained that its needs more content and things to do. So when it released the devs got the community against them because they always promise to be looking at feedback but they never show it in game. So what do they do with the "lack of content" feedback? They bring out a standalone expansion that you need to pay for....
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