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  1. Played it. Arguably better than The New Order. Plays a lot like Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  2. Lol I emailed Ross about this game a while ago. Puts Euro Truck Simulator to shame, for reasons TheYellowDucK mentioned. Feels like a surreal experience every time I boot up this game, but maybe I'm seeing something where there is nothing. It's seems like a harmless trucking simulator, but quickly you find there are sinister things going on. Best soundtrack, they got a metal band called Aria to make it. Exploration yields great rewards, don't hesitate to go off the road. 11/10 decent game. Big downside though is that I've had trouble getting this to run on newer Windows. I did find it on gog.com as "Hard Truck 2: King of the Road", and it says it works on new windows, so your mileage may vary.
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