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  1. Whats up everyone. Found the Game Dungeon trying to show my girlfriend footage of Quarantine. I love all the videos, so many memories I had forgotten brought back after so many years. Seen a ton of great suggestions here that do the same thing. Amazing. Anyway, id like to throw a few games out there that id like to see Ross review. Battletech- Mega Race- Wing Commander: Privateer X-Wing vs Tie Fighter- Majesty- Also, I swear I remember a Dos demo I had called Bug Wars. I cant seem to find anything online. Ive seen a few people online looking for the same thing, and while Battle Bugs has been suggested as the game we are looking for, we are all pretty sure that's not it. Also, to those suggesting One Must Fall and MDK, f*ck yea!!! Edit- Oh man, CyberDogs, hell f*ck yeah man. I love what you do Ross, keep it up man!!! Edit- Remembered an old game that might be a candidate for a Christmas video. From what I remember its geared towards a very young audience, pretty much an educational math game. But snow equals Christmas right lol. Anyway- Treasure MathStorm- Edit- Ok, 1 more then I'll back off for a bit. Redneck Rampage-
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