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  1. Its somewhat repetitive. but if you crave DOOM combat and wacky guns then you'll be entertained.
  2. Notice: At the request of the publisher, Act of Aggression - Reboot Edition is no longer available for sale on Steam. i dont think you can get this game anywhere else. RIP
  3. this is not a survival game. this is a swimming game. if you are stressed out and you need a game to play. this is the one for you. relax.
  4. bleak and boring. every day is a slog. you might get depressed.
  5. this was just boring to play and ugly to look at. I heard about it so many times but when i tried it i was very disappointed.
  6. its a fun movie to watch, but having to rewatch the movie again to make different choices is a little tedious. worth a try if you've never done anything like this before.
  7. imagine an RTS where you cant see what the other person is doing. that's this game. The UI might as well be a spreadsheet. you defeat your opponents by buying a big enough stake in their company. the game wants you to compete for resources by making decisions on what investments to make and asking you to sabotage other players investments, but what happens is another player just saves up enough money and buys out all your shares and you lose immediately. it's like having a fleet of motherships come over and wipe out your base in starcraft, only you cant see the ships, you cant defend against the ships, and they wipe you out as soon as they are built.
  8. this game has way too much emphasis on getting lucky dice rolls than it should. you dont make interesting choices, instead you run out of resources and die.
  9. not as amazing as people said it was, but it's got heart.
  10. at a certain point you wont feel like you're driving, you'll feel like your flying. there are some surreal environments in the expansions. it's a fast paced racer with a soundtrack to match. it doesnt have much personality but it's very well made.
  11. this game is great. you roleplay a civ of your choice and you are constrained on how you can achieve outcomes. if you dont like turn based 4X like say civ then this might get you into 4X because you dont have to figure out which counters are changing each time you finish a turn, or tediously move things around and then adjust where they are going each turn. the quests your ships pick up have a plot to most of them to keep you going during your campaign. some of them are longer and are pretty strange. The early, mid, and late stages of the game play differently and have events which keep you working on some goal other than your victory method of choice. wanna be space pirate toads, go for it. Wanna be pacifist slugs, go for it. wanna be the borg but entirely foxes, go for it. wanna be an agrarian society of butterflies who build death stars and enslaves their parrot neighbours, go for it?
  12. The demo was interesting. you build an ant farm on mars. it seemed very technical and doesnt let you really roleplay a society the way something like tropico would.
  13. you float to an island, then collect supplies. repeat. it's about that exciting.
  14. the opening cinematic might give you nightmares... ...or the combat system will.
  15. the puzzles are simple but not explained well.
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