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  1. I personally loved the game, it was a bit lackluster on the gameplay, and there was way too much walking, with no way to run (and adding to that was the game being super choppy most of the time), and there were a few bugs (all visual), but, I loved the game nonetheless, it felt more like an interactive movie than a game, and I dont feel like thats a negative, the story was really good, and the characters did what you would expect them to do with how they were characterized, the game has a nice amount of replay value, with almost all conversations having at least 3 options and a secret 4th option after you finish the game, speaking of that, the content that you get after finishing the game is super interesting, and ties a lot of the loose ends together. All around, if you like action and cant go without it, dont play this, if you enjoy a nice mystery game with a cool mechanic, I recommend it
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