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  1. So I have to get something that came to my mind before I forget it because believe me when I say that I may have remembered a game that the internet, if not the world, completely forgot about. So let me bring you some context about this game before I say what it is since this is kinda important, sort of at least. So I was browsing my backlog of YouTube videos rather than being productive when I noticed that one of the videos was about Breakout. For those that don't know what Breakout is, essentially it's a game where you use a rectangle and a ball to destroy other rectangles. So there I was thinking, "Huh, this reminds me of a game that I used to play as a kid when I was really little and stupid. I wonder what it was. Oh yeah, Blasterball 2: Revolution. I remember that game. It was on a launcher, wasn't it. I wonder if I could find out who made it." So I browsed the internet a little bit longer and found the developer: Wild Tangent. For those that don't know, Wild Tangent was this service/developers that had a rent or buy situation for very simplistic games such as this Breakout clone or Polar Bear bowling. Pretty much everyone would play the free trials that were offered by the service. Surprisingly enough, they still seem to be around, though their service seems oddly sketchy especially for modern day standards. Alright, let's cut to the chase. As I was trying to remember who Wild Tangent was, I found a game that I vaguely remember, but didn't get far in since my dumb child mind was too scared to play it past the tutorial room. This game, which I am convinced that everyone has forgotten about is Men in Black 2: Crossfire. It was this weird bird eye view third person game that basically had you running around as a men in black agent shooting up invading aliens, starting with an attack at the HQ. I can't find any game play footage anywhere outside for some trailer for the game, but even that isn't a real trailer, but a trailer for the demo of the game that was on a disk. Even worse is that Wild Tangent seemingly no longer has the game listed for sale. If anyone can drag this game back from the brink of nonexistence, it has to be Ross.
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