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  1. The Genera operating system has similar ideas, although it was written in Lisp.
  2. They both have their uses, let's not start a war over this.
  3. Evil mode is a major mode for Emacs that makes it act like VIM. I haven't used it myself, but I've heard that many former VIM users really like it.
  4. Very funny. Evil mode exists, enjoy. Emacs is actually not that great of an OS, as any Lisp programmer will tell you. Most lispers just see Emacs as a very nice editor for Lisp that can be customized in a slightly different Lisp. It's also (when combined with SLIME) the best Common Lisp IDE out there. I'm not saying it's all that good, because it's not, it's just the best for its particular use case.
  5. It's not the same, Emacs is just an editor and only does a microscopic fraction of what Genera could do.
  6. I can respect that. I'm the same way except the new ideas are what I started out with, so it's what I'm comfortable with. I would recommend reading about Genera and the Lisp machines though, since they're a really interesting look at what computers could look like if everything was designed to work together.
  7. Very funny. Genera has only one text editor, called Zmacs. It can be accessed by pressed Select followed by E.
  8. Lisp Machines had extra parenthesis keys where US keyboards have the square brackets now. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9a/Symbolics-keyboard.jpg
  9. That's not really what the idea there was. Arch or Gentoo is always there if you want to brag about how cool you are, but a simple graphical installer that lets you customize the GUI would be better.
  10. That actually sounds like quite a good idea. Maybe some Linux distro will do that someday.
  11. For anyone interested in seeing what true (but impossible for current systems) GUI enlightenment looks like, read up on the Genera operating system for the Symbolics Lisp Machines. That whole OS was so perfectly integrated that no other system to date has beaten it, and it came out in the 80s!
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