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  1. I like it very much the background and characters design... but not very much the story, It fells to me that the game dosent know if want to be funny/light or serious/deep.
  2. Exactly... games like "Company of Heroes" or "Homeworld 2" (games that I like) can benefit a lot if they have that option of "pause and give orders"... EDIT: wait... I remember now that "Homeworld 2" have that option...
  3. the interface looks kind off like "Banished"... that was a good game
  4. why?... there are really good turn based games... like "Battle Brothers" or Syd Meyer "Colonization", etc... this are games that make you think more what to do next and not just fast reflex skills... sometimes i preffer this kind of games, sometimes not...
  5. Transport Tycoon is still the best game in the genre and is a game from 1994
  6. Its very simple and there is not much to do...But the one that call my atention is "Highfleet" from the same guy who made "Hammerfight"
  7. I super like this game... i think its something special and more people need to play and talk about this game... for me its so good that I compare to the first "Prince of Persia"... allready a classic.
  8. I look some gameplay about this game... and i dosnt do anything different or better than openTTD allready does... but the one that call my atention was "Soviet Republic: Workers and Resources"
  9. I hope it dosen't suck like the last Broken Sword... the character model don't give me a good vibe about it.
  10. I didn't play the game but after watch the Grimbeard review of it, I don't think Im gonna
  11. I enjoy to play whit my niece... great game but very difficult to win.
  12. I like the first playthrough... but then theres not much to do in the second one... but i really enjoy it.
  13. nice and easy graphic adventure... not great but not bad either... average i will say.
  14. I appreciate the experiment that this game try to do in the graphic adventure genre... but i agree whit RaTcHeT302 about the timer and much trial and error... i really want to like this game but can't
  15. I also am in love of this game.. but can undestrand people who dont gonna like the combat mechanic, its very hard... what make me angry its the save system in the campaign mode... or better the lack of it.
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