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  1. Sadly not, I remember that one, the game I'm thinking of is definitely a good few years older.
  2. Recently I've been doing a combination of working through everything I've bought in Steam sales alongside trying to locate/run games that I only had demos of as a kid. I've had a few success in this regard, but I've stumped myself on a few pretty old titles today and I'm hoping this will be the place where someone might remember. First off is an old RTS (again, only had the demo) that I think would have been released in the late 90s-ish. I remember it had an intro cinematic that showed most of the earth being decimated by a meteorite impact. The actual title was on a plain black background, maybe red or orange text, 1 or 2 words. It played a lot like C&C games of the time. The theme was a sort of steampunk mixture of very old technology that humans have had to resort to, as well as some remnants of modern tech. The 3 infantry units in the demo were a swordsman (with shield), an archer styled after the Thief protagonist and an armoured flamethrower trooper/knight. There was some sort of steam powered tank kinda unit and maybe something with hot air balloons.. sorry I can't be more specific but this is pushing 20 years ago I played it and I've long thrown out all those old demo discs from PCZone and the like. The other title was perhaps slightly later, again I had the demo which was one level. 3rd person action game, a human player character along the lines of an astronaut or dimensional traveller (possibly pulled through a wormhole) crashes on an alien world. He wore a distinct bright orange jumpsuit. The demo level was on a snowy planet and may have just been the tutorial as I don't recall much if anything in the way of combat, but you did have a laser pistol of some kind. The aliens in this level were green skinned, friendly and were sending you out on quests which I think were accessed via Stargate-looking portals just outside their little village, but in said demo you couldn't travel through them. Again apologies that's all the info I've got, appreciate this is a long shot. I've already spent quite a while going through wiki's list of all RTS games from the late 90s-early 2000s, as well as sorting GOG's RTS catalogue by date and starting at the oldest. The game I remember didn't seem to come up though. In the event anyone has any idea what I might be recalling I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts.
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