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  1. If you like exploring worlds. Its got that. Gives you a few to look at. Really love the Art Direction. Randomized Levels so the level design is still interesting. Its a little different for everyone. No true proceduralization, and that's a good thing for this type of game. Reminds me of Hellgate london. If that was actually a good game. This game does not hide its influences from dark souls to Lovecraft. It wears them proud on its chest. For the lovecraftian side of things, less maddening horror, though some of the NPC have clearly seen more than any human should, and more of the dimensional dreamscapes humans weren't meant to visit sort of vibe. Story starts out weak, but gets better. Game is short (15-20 hours) but very replayable. Combat is pretty good. Hard but not beat you over the head and murder family hard. Just a good challenge. Darksouls was a little too hard form me, is a step or two lower in difficulty, its nice being a gun distance way from danger. Good customization. Coop is fun.
  2. Just saw this Gnome Extension and thought of Ross's GUI video. Fly-Pie Youtube Video.
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