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  1. Skirmish Line I heavily recommend the Skirmish Line for an episode. I got the idea from Ross's older Zombie defense flash games (last Stand), he seems to have enjoyed them pretty much. This one seems to have originated in the similar area, being a successor of old Mud and Blood series, it now evolved to be a full-blown game of it's own. There are already some youtube reviews of it, so I'm not going to talk too much about it's essence, since it's pretty clear. let's just say it's a defense line game, both in-depth and has a simple learning curve at the same time. It's very straight-forward and fun, and as far as I'm aware, it's relative success allows them to increase the game's scope with DLC's. There's already a Chinese theater of ww2, which is really quite rare in video games as much as I'm aware. And Now there's one about the great Emu war too, of all things! That's gotta be up Ross's alley, it's such a meme, but not much was done on it in the games before. I got a feeling he might like this bizarre part of the game. I really hope developers will continue to add more content, quite possibly remaining theaters of ww2, both western and eastern fronts, as well as ability to play as Axis and not just defend but attack as well. Some obscure war areas like partisan warfare, France, north Africa, Balkans, Poland, etc would also be great. Finnish Winter war would work the best probably, being yet another great meme, and my oh my, I'd kill for them to make a ww1 version\dlc. Anyway, with the game's vintage character and history, I think it has great potential, and I suppose it would fit Game Dungeon perfectly. Ross seems to have interest and experience in this kind of games and some more exposure wouldn't hurt the title either. In my opinion, game has a bright future ahead of it, and it'd be interesting if Ross used to play Mud and Blood back in the day, what are his thoughts on it's new incarnation? I also recommend it, due to the game being modern and yet cheap and simple on it's surface, easy to go through at the start, meaning Ross would probably have little trouble making an episode about it. It'd be nice to let him have an easy one for a change. https://www.skirmishlinegame.com/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/666820/Skirmish_Line/
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