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  1. Well the game is in development in varios forms since 2006, and there is no end in sight. Considering the game is not even half done i go with the "it's dead" crowd. Maybe the dev team doesn't want to give up but updates are far and few in between. At this pace my life expectancy isn't long enough to play the final product. Multiplayer has 9 player average at the time of this writing. I'm just happy i got this game gifted.
  2. Insects the fantasy game would be a good describtion for Entomorph. There are a lot of them in the game. As far as I remember the gameplay is nothing great. Combat is realtime, there is no party and no character creation. But the setting is kind of unique and a break from the usual generic fantasy worlds. The story is also quite good if i remember it right. okay one thing - Why won't you find ants in a catholic church? i'm so sorry...
  3. This is a difficult one. Did i liked playing it? Yes. Do i think it's a good game? No. The game is a remake of the old Carrier Command from 1988. You command a futuristic aircraft carrier, fighting a similar but improved sistership for the control of an archipelago. Its kind of a hybrid between RTS, FPS and flight/tankdriving-simulation. Sounds cool right? Sadly everything is just kind of clunky, like the game needed more time and money. It feels like a mod for Arma 1 that sadly did not get enought polishing. Still it's a rather unique game that allows you to conquer island with your own carrier.
  4. I 100% agree to what TheGrimCorsair said. The game remindet me most of a mixture of Crusader no remorse and the old desert strike helicopter games. You have to carefully dismantle the enemy forces, choose your engagements and time your retreats. It's a tactical action game.
  5. it's the prequel to aquanox, and while it is a submarine game it plays more like a typical spacesim of the time. Steering fast underwater fighters armed with guns and lasers down the path of a branching storyline.
  6. Played it back in the day on my amiga. The soundtrack was kind of eerie.
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