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  1. I'd forgotten this even exists.... I remember liking it, back in '89, not sure how the game play would hold up today. Game play is you jump around cleaning up infected squares, so you can destroy these stones, the stones must be connected by unbroken tracts of uninfected squares, once all the stones are destroyed you have a short time to navigate to, and destroy an obelisk. but there are these plants that move around and re-infect as they traverse. once you clean up one island you move on to the next one.
  2. Can't speak for PC version, but if you have a switch and are missing Star Fox, get this. Turns out its a very good StarFox game. The game play is very reminiscent of star fox, and they took the time to ensure that Fox and Co. don't feel shoe horned in. (They show up in cut scenes, have an affect on the plot, get their own side quests...) Note to Ross: the genre is wrong. Its a 3rd person star-fighter, ground assault with an open world/star system
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