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  1. It's good, but a little too short. I got to the part where, O.K. this is where the game "Begins" I had everything unlocked, and I was thinking o.k. here is the part where we start building up the main base properly, but there was one last defensive mission that was supposed to be really hard and long, and I'm not sure if I was over prepared but the big main assault never got past my outer perimeter. and then the game was over. sort of anti-climactic.
  2. Verdict: Hazy. This one looked interesting, so I went to check it out. Turns out I've played it. Recently. Do not remember it at all.
  3. Prequel to Eastshade. This one is short and still worth playing, but the real treasure is Eastshade.
  4. This game makes me think of Ross' Qualifier "Does it respect my time?" It's border line. I've sunk a few hours into this one, and it is definitely an interesting concept. However I find myself not wanting to come back to it (haven't beaten it, or explored everywhere that I even wanted to explore) You can speed up time, but in order to do so you have to stay in your "room". If you go out into the world time goes back to passing normally, and it takes so long just to get anywhere in the map. It's not so much about patients as it is there are only so many hours in the day, and I don't want to waste 2 of them waiting for the dude to cross the map so I can check out the new area that just opened up.
  5. This one is cool. no combat (or if there is I haven't reached it yet.) You look for and "handle" giant monsters roaming in the mist. You drive around in a car (there is both on foot and in car travel - open world) looking for them (one at a time in a mission based structure.) and you need to use the environment, or the floodlight on your car to drive them off. some light storytelling.
  6. It's a walking simulator that wants to pretend it's a puzzle game. It's short, and it ends suddenly. Like no pay off suddenly.
  7. This one is cool. Its fairly short (I beat it in one sitting, but its maybe between 4-8 hours) light on combat (there are only a couple sections with combat, and they are basically one and done.) It's a time loop game, but the loop mechanic has to be activated each time, so there isn't an arbitrary time limit, and you can die before getting a chance to activate it. (so its not Live, Die, Repeat) You are exploring an Ancient Roman** Ruin, and end up teleported back in time to when it was a functioning society on its "last day" before collapse. You then have to piece together what happened, and if/how to stop it. Puzzle and Dialog Heavy. ** - Not everything is as it seams - History buffs know what I mean ;)
  8. This is very good. I've already sunk hundreds of hours in. Its early access, but as is it's already a complete game. (there are features the devs are working to add in, but the core game is done) You have entire star systems (plural) to explore, mine for resources and build factories, all with the end goal being to construct a Dyson Sphere. (note: there is no end to the game. Once you've unlocked the entire tech tree and build your first sphere, you can go on to expand and build more spheres, improve your factory, etc...
  9. Open world walking simulator. You walk around an (Island I think? Its big enough that I cant' tell if its an Island, or just a peninsula) and get narrative beats at each location. nothing forces you to do them in any particular order so... what ever story is there is a bit of a mess. Stopped playing before I figured out what was going on.
  10. Myst lite. (and Myst like) There are 4 "islands" but the whole game contains maybe as many puzzles as there is on one island in Myst. It won't take you long to beat it. there are "multiple" endings (basically a choice right near the very end that has a slight change in the ending narrative) If you're joensing for more Myst-like, its a nice quick pick-me-up. but not much substance.
  11. updated link https://www.ign.com/games/fatal-abyss https://www.myabandonware.com/game/fatal-abyss-dnk haven't played it yet. just looks interesting.
  12. It feels incomplete. The game ends just before what should be the start of the final act, or rather that there is a point were the final act should happen, but then the game just skips to the end. Spends a bunch of time hinting at a larger story, and then just ends before you can get there. Some puzzles, but very puzzle light. (in fact I there is one involved 'puzzle' that would be par for the course in a Myst game, but here if you take the time to solve it you just get a message from the devs about how clever you are. nothing plot/story related at all)
  13. I'd forgotten this even exists.... I remember liking it, back in '89, not sure how the game play would hold up today. Game play is you jump around cleaning up infected squares, so you can destroy these stones, the stones must be connected by unbroken tracts of uninfected squares, once all the stones are destroyed you have a short time to navigate to, and destroy an obelisk. but there are these plants that move around and re-infect as they traverse. once you clean up one island you move on to the next one.
  14. Can't speak for PC version, but if you have a switch and are missing Star Fox, get this. Turns out its a very good StarFox game. The game play is very reminiscent of star fox, and they took the time to ensure that Fox and Co. don't feel shoe horned in. (They show up in cut scenes, have an affect on the plot, get their own side quests...) Note to Ross: the genre is wrong. Its a 3rd person star-fighter, ground assault with an open world/star system
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