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  1. I guess I missed that, I just joined the site and it’s a little difficult to navigate the site on mobile
  2. If I have one comment about this series it's that it's extremely psychology and dives deep into the mental state of a man who's put in Gordon's shoes, I absolutely love this series in general but I have 2 small critics but one thing is that I hate waiting between uploads of this series and I understand you're very busy and don't always have time to edit and upload this let alone record this, I used to record gameplay on my YouTube channel and I would spend hours just trying to get seem less cuts and eventually I just gave up. I respect the hell out of you for being able to make a series like this because it's probably extremely difficult to record some scenes because of something like an accidental death or something. Though, I always believe in giving constructive criticism so the suggestion I have is to let viewers donate to the channel, you’re by far my favourite YouTuber so if I could donate that would be amazing as well as maybe posting announcements on YouTube regarding the progress on uploads. If I had one other suggestion I’d also suggest having a sort of behind the scenes look at what the process of filming something like this is. I originally got hooked on the series because of a YouTube video diving into this series: overall, I just love this series and I wish the uploads would be put out faster.
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