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  1. Fine game, but somewhat overstays its welcome. Alternate ending is pretty cool, though.
  2. The first hour of the game is really-really well done. Creepy, visually interesting (and you can change colors if you want), shows promise. Yet it just gets repetitive and boring. The story is also pretty lackluster and the ending is just nonsense - even devs regret the finale.
  3. It's a janky Burnout clone that, from what I've heard, never reaches the quality of later Burnout titles, but has too many bugs and bad ideas.
  4. Disappointing boring whatever game that hooks you with its visuals and loses you really fast with its writing. It's fine at first, and it gets intriguing somewhat, but then it abruptly ends with big fucking non-ending. The story is just bad, even though themes and ideas are kinda there.
  5. Sean Bean doesn't die in this game.
  6. It's a really good game, but it requires a lot of reading (and text while fine aren't that fun). And difficulty is brutal if you don't tweak it. Thankfully there are a lot of options and overall the game is pretty user-friendly.
  7. The funny thing about this one is that it's based on a book. It's called "Санитары подземелий" (that's also the original title of the game). So yeah, it would make an interesting Game Dungeon episode.
  8. Crappy "old-school" game made by a kid who was born long after those old-school shooters faded. So he tried his best to imitate the style of Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM, but failed, and failed hard. First of all - the game is dark. Second - AI is unbalanced. Third - levels are boring mazes, like the worst levels of Wolf3D. Art style is fine, but the game is just depressing to think about, since some ideas are sound, but execution is amateurish to say the least.
  9. It's mindless and dumb, yet somewhat satisfying. Play it if you like those old 80s action movies, since developers clearly did. Story is crap, but it comes with the territory, I guess.
  10. Yep, some people over twitter found some of his old quotes and made his life and work a living hell. Gotta love social networks.
  11. I've head developers already dropped the support and the studio is mostly dead. So yeah.
  12. Amazing wallpaper generator. As a game with a story - disappointing, short and "subversive" in cheap way walking simulator that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Best played in autumn or summer, for full immersion.
  13. The idea is there, but it's not Carmageddon 2. I've played Reincarnation (which is the original version of Max Damage - Max Damage is essentially a console edition of that game) when it was just a beta and it wasn't good or fun of whatever. So yeah, glory days are over.
  14. Better play Resident Evil 2 Remake, since guys who made Daymare originally wanted to make it themselves. And it shows, Daymare really wants to be that game, but, well, it's not good.
  15. Beautiful, yet pretty barebones metroidvania. Worth it for visuals in music alone, in my opinion. But it's a budget game, so.
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