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  1. Well hey, at least there is pizza! XD - That sounds good right now actually. Stay safe, friends! Whatever ways we can help ourselves and others to stay calm. We may be in for a ride.
  2. I'm gonna echo the other reviews here. Starbound certainly has a relaxing atmosphere, rich soundtrack, and pleasant pixel graphics, with overall decent but not standout platforming, survival, and crafting game mechanics. You can certainly sink a good 50-75 hrs into this one (as I did), but after that, unless you're playing online with friends, it loses it's freshness. Play through the story, upgrade and customize your ship and crew to your hearts content, and maybe build a few epic bases, meanwhile collecting better and better loots and weapons. Once that's done, however, the monotonous procedurally generated galaxy leaves little meaningful inspiration to continue exploring. Fun while it lasts though!
  3. Stay safe buddy! And don't forget to maintain a proper social distance from the Mold! Colorado just issued a state of emergency yesterday, and a stay at home order. It was kinda creepy, the gov. sent an active alert to my smartphone. Sorta like an amber/silver kind of alert, with the loud mayday sound, it was a bit harrowing and notable first in my lifetime. These are strange and "interesting" times indeed...
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