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  1. Has multiple endings and you can actually choose to quit the puzzle halfway through if you don't want to find out what actually happened. Let me set the scene for you, you play as a female journalist investigating a house where a murder took place, however the person died of hypothermia in the middle of the summer. There are various ways the game can end and you can actually make a mistake in judging which character is the guilty one, and the game lets you stick with that decision, despite it being wrong. However I felt the game made it too obvious who is the guilty one, but you can be the judge of that. As I said earlier, one of the things I personally thought gave the game an interesting twist is that you can actually quit in the middle of the game and decide that you don't want to know what happened, that this secret is not worth finding out. Don't really want to oversell it or anything, I just thought it was an interesting detail. It only takes an hour to finish and its a perfect way to end your Sunday evening.
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