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  1. Ross, I want to say that your wish is somewhat true already, because of a little thing that exists called photogrammetry. Basically you take a bunch of images with similar features, dump 'em into the software of your choice, and you get a mesh complete with textures! This is not perfect however, and does suffer from some of the problems mentioned in the video, I.E. lighting data essentially being baked in, struggling with reflective surfaces, etc. With that said, if your images are good, you can get pretty good results (you may have to clean up the mesh in selective cases though). I'll upload some examples if I get the chance. Anyways, as for what software to use, I'd personally recommend using Meshroom, as it's what I've used: https://alicevision.org/#meshroom Also, it's completely free, open source, and stupidly easy to figure out and use. No money required. (Edit: Forgot to mention this, but in my testing, "live reconstruction" seems to be broken in the 2020 version. The software still works though.) Another program I know of, but haven't used, is called RealityCapture: https://www.capturingreality.com/ All I really know about it is that Valve have used it, and they have a free version where you pay if you're satisfied with your results, and want to use 'em.
  2. I'm really impressed with the card's performance overall. I'll be sure to purchase one when I upgrade again. Intel is really making a comeback this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s13iFPSyKdQ
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