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  1. I don't even know if this game will fit the game dungeon, but the only way to know is to recommend it. I recommend Split Second, the racing game where stopping at the term "racing game" is an understatement. It's a game I find hard to explain outside of that term, though. It was made in 2010, I feel it has good graphics, and although the story may be unrealistic, it's still a fun and action-packed game. In my opinion, the soundtrack is filled with high-tempo tracks that fit the environments you're put in. Now for the part where I sound like a spokesperson for this game. Calling the racing in this game "high octane" isn't enough to show how high octane it is. If something isn't exploding near you, something's being flown towards you. And if you're not trying to make other people crash from the same explosions and things flying in directions, then you're either good enough at the game to be ahead, or that first place spot, maybe even second place, isn't going to have you in it. There are several different game modes in Split Second, such as one where a helicopter fires missiles at you, and you have to evade them, Racing: Battle Royale, and a bunch more. I have said all that I can without explaining the game to its last atom, but I feel it would be a good game to review.
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