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  1. Yeah, I guess you might be right.. Alternatively, there is a recent (as in "a few months ago" recent) game called Star-Fetchers. It's only a free "intro" currently, but I thought it was a blast, gameplay and story-wise, and it also has a rather surreal vibe to it, which I love ~ Unfortunately, it is rather short... I finished it in its current state in a little over an hour, so that could potentially be a problem. Still, I think it has potential for a Game Dungeon, maybe.
  2. Has anyone recommended Yume Nikki yet? It's a Japanese Indie game, from 2004 I think. It's really surreal and kinda creepy, but it sure is an experience. It has somewhat of a cult following. There's actually a whole community for fan-games of it, so much so that there's a Yume-Nikki wiki (A Yume-Wikki, if you would), and a Yume-Nikki fangames wiki. Either way, it's a neat little game, and it's free too. There was a 3D remake/re-imagining from a separate developer a couple years ago. I haven't played it, but I heard it's quite good, if a lot more linear and puzzle-based than the original's "just walk around" gameplay. I feel a Game Dungeon on it could be interesting. Just an idea ~
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