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  1. >15 minute rant on why microsoft is evil Amazing, truly great. Somewhat reminds me of the united fruit company and their shenanigans in Central America(or even the coca cola death squads in colombia). Also, was the parts on battleforge being updated through annotations a mistake on your part or a joke I'm not getting? They're dead, right?
  2. At one point of my life I was trying to become a librarian and of the things I should have learned was Information Architecture, which is basically half of your problems and your truths were basic principles there. The less clicks and less time used to get to the desired end, the best. But, yes, it seems like the user experience has been getting more and more "curated" and less open to experimentation/freedom, supposedly the people working on the GUI think that the way smartphones are doing things are better (easier/quicker with less clicks/taps) which also leads to harder to access and change the UI for your needs. Good video, and, yes windows 98 had the best windows GUI, no need to change whats perfect.
  3. As a warning to others: you can't find it online, at least not on any public tracker that I know of. What you can find is a single player battle royale with the same name from a different company. At some point the 2d game could be legally downloaded for free due to some deal between the developers and a cellphone provider but since the provider went out of business you actually can't download it anymore. Also it appears to have evolved into bloodlust shadow hunter, which is a meh game(although very impressive for a one-man made game). So, yeah you can't play the game.
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