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  1. This is a solid DLC to Titan Quest. I love the Nordic setting in parts of this game. This game also adds some cool new weapons and gear.
  2. I'd say this is a good game for the bonkers story and for the ridiculous experience; maybe not so much for the gameplay. This feels like the type of game that you pretty much need a walthrough for, due to some things being obscured or tough to find in the world. I'd say play it with a walkthrough handy just for the kicks of seeing what the game has to show you.
  3. This had such a... different ending. I liked the game overall though.
  4. This is kinda like a demo/precursor to Eastshade. It's pretty short, but the setting is beautiful and the game is a good experience.
  5. The setting surprised me in a good way. I didn't expect the sci-fi setting to be so different and interesting. The gunplay might be a bit rough, but all the normal aspects of an adventure game (story, setting, etc) are done quite well. It might be my favorite Wadjet Eye game just for how I felt about the whole experience at the end.
  6. Something about how the world presents itself, made this game really engaging for me. It felt alive and a bit like 'what am I going to find around this corner' (good or bad). Not sure how I feel about the ending, but the journey was definitely worthwhile.
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