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  1. Also @Ross Scott I forgot to mention in my previous post, there is another web browser that you can remove the close tab button. Vivaldi. I've switched to it from Chrome because it is slightly lighter weight. It's not perfect though. It's built on chromium but the support for chrome extensions is minimal, not a problem for me adblock works just fine and that's all I care about. Also, I don't know if you can change close tab from double click to close, but again, I kinda want it difficult to accidentally close a tab so I like double clicking in this instance. It also has a sync service so you can use it on multiple devices as seamlessly as any other syncable browser.
  2. Watching this video inspired me to customize my GUI experience as much as I could for Windows 10. If anyone wants, I can make a video of my setup for visual representation, but for now I'll just explain it here. So essentially what I have is a cobbled together solution to remove all shortcuts from my desktop (using fences double click to hide in case other parts of my system fail) and still allow me to use my computer. I have installed CircleDock, which is a dead and abandoned program and it's basically impossible to find the 1.0+ version of the program now. I'm running the 8.0 alpha cause the 8.1/8.2 alphas break mouse hooking. Anyway, CircleDock is mapped to middle mouse button and middle mouse button is mapped to a side button on my mouse cause I have a shiny razer mouse and I can do that. Also clicking the middle mouse button on this mouse sucks. CircleDock has all the shortcuts that were on my desktop in folders that I still need to find good icons for so I can tell them apart at a glance, but that's the human element of laziness not the program's fault. So great, I can open my programs, but what about interacting with already open programs? Glad I asked! I installed StrokePlus.net for mouse gestures. I use the mouse gestures to replace as many frequently used keyboard shortcuts as possible. Alt+Tab, gesture. Minimize, maximize, close programs/windows, even media control which comes out of the box. I even set it up so I can full screen youtube videos in my browser with a gesture, cause I agree with Ross that double clicking is terrible. I even set my computer to single click to open, it's not near perfect, but it is better to me than double click to open. So I have switched mostly full time to mouse everything, from opening programs that I bothered to have shortcuts on my desktop for to even replacing keyboard shortcuts, but I even went a step further. I bought a program called VoiceAttack for the brief moment I decided to play Elite Dangerous in VR and I wanted to go all out. Turns out, even VR can't make that game any less boring than it really looks like. Sorry to y'all who like Elite Dangerous, it's just not my type of game. I tried. To get back on track, VoiceAttack lets you use your voice to do a lot of cool things with your computer, and I have it set up so that I can turn my computer off with my voice, open and close certain very frequently used programs, basically shore up any inconsistencies or faults that the other two programs can't handle. This system works for me, but I really shouldn't have to do this. I shouldn't have to use a combination of mouse gestures and voice commands, to have to install 3 or more different programs to get my user experience the way that I want it.
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