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  1. Hi! Long time viewer but fresh on forums! I have given it a bit thought and cocluded that M$ doesnt change the interface because of fear of losing customers - most Windows users are casuals who learned how to computer and internet and will be spooked by new things - this is what happened with Windows 8. So the current Windows 10 is a compromise between new and old for those people who didnt learn new tricks since Win95 to feel at least a bit comfy. As for UI customization I prefer Linux, but not the command line. The command line is for maintenance and stuff. The thing about Linux GUI is that I believe writing it is a pain, thats why many things are done from command line. I recently changed my laptop and tried the flavour called XFCE, but felt like I want a dock. So I installed the one called Plank and by removing a piece of code removed the Windows taskbar-like menus. This broke a few things but Im happy for now. I think if youre looking for OoB solution that is not an option. Linux gives you best chances of adapting the screen to your liking. While M$ is just stuck in a habit of office users who fear computers.
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