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  1. This game was weird to me. It felt like there was deep lore, and THERE WAS -- in a included PDF. However, while playing the game I understood none of it; didn't understand my character, my motivations, the people, the factions, anything. I tried scouring the planet for these lore capsules, but couldn't find them all -- so guess I'll never understand why I'm playing the game (unless I read the big-ass included lore dump). In the end I think I enjoyed my experience, but it sure was "Hazy" for me.
  2. I had a really good time with this game -- didn't really find the backtracking a problem on an SSD; just required a change of pace mentally. However, when the puzzles became utterly mathematical, I couldn't be bothered finishing it, so it's still on the heap. Great game nevertheless.
  3. This game looked quite promising, and I had quite a bit of fun with it. Now it's been abandoned by its developers, however - still in Early Access no less.
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