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  1. Finally watched your video about GUI yesterday and you kinda got on a tangent about flaws of current HIDs, namely keyboard and mouse inefficiencies. I went from the RAT 7, to the Roccat Nyth minus 2 thumb buttons (6 and 7), to the Swiftpoint Z. Shit is crazy expensive, but I'd never go back provided it's supported indefinitely. Buttons are placed in a much more anatomically logical way. Ironically, when I got it, I figured the gyroscope would be the bigger useless gimmick over the pressure sensitive buttons. Pressing M1 firmly to rapidfire is bad when you're taken by surprise as you'll be dumping your magazine at the sky if you react strongly enough. Pressing M2 and having 3 pressure depths [normal M2, 1/2 dpi, 1/4 dpi] isn't comfortable to juggle, especially in heated moments. Eventually I realized I could use the gyroscope for useful alternative binds, and that was when I felt sure it was worth the money to me. It does have auto-profile switching, though I've basically never used it. I've had it for a few days under 25 months, here's a graphic of my current binds: There's an all binds list that's clean enough, though I figure this is much more comprehensible for the layman. You can really go crazy with your bind depth; I haven't since all I really do on my PC is browse the internet, play shooters, and rarely photo edit. Not a mouse, but the only other HID I'm interested in that I don't own is the Wooting keyboard. Mechanical, analog-input keys that seems to have a similar level of software complexity to the Z. Expensive, but cheaper than some name brand mechanical keyboards that have binary only switches. Kliksphilip has 2 oldish videos playing around with one.
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