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  1. The show still feels good and I laughed, but I think I've been on an Accursed Farms burn out lately. The videos are really dense for YouTube lol. I think it would be nice if Freeman had a priority though, other then staying alive. The coast areas would be a way because he would finally be able to escape, but then he would get shot at again :/ One way to give Freeman some priorities is to make Ravenholm a vacation, like having him explore some secret tunnel in the entrance to Ravenholm and finding an abandoned bunker full of provisions. Show's still good, but I think Freeman needs a damn vacation. P.S. I don't know what's happening but I can't post this. If 6 duplicates show up it's not my fault. P.P.S. If Ross kills Freeman's Mind so he has time to make other videos better, I'm completely OK with that, but I know a lot of people aren't. If anyone's concerned about Ross, just donate. Money is time.
  2. Yeah, I agree with that. The reason why I chose it is because a lot of the other submissions had poor readability for the buttons and text, so I went to find a clean look that was readable with a light theme, and I found it.
  3. Pretty nice. I would make a GUI off of this theme, but all the elements needs a little more contrast for me.
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