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  1. Agree with you, but I think game is worth to check out anyway. Some places are really good and scary(kind of scary). Sadly visuals are inconsistent, story nonexistant, fighting atrocious, some bugs and glitches, unsatisfying ending. It could be good, but game come out as a slightly above average sh clone to me.
  2. Best thing in 7am I could see. Thank you, Ross!
  3. I cant agree with you. Sonic heroes has one of worst visual styles and cinematics. Ingame animations are great though. You can fix sonic 06 problems with mods and emulation. Also a genious dude ChaosX currently remaking sonic 06 on unity for pc. Check it out if you have any interest, maybe it can prove my opinion on sonic 06.
  4. About 06, It has most mind blowing envieroments later in game. First stage is boring but later it is post apocalyptic city, ancient palace ruins, egypt, some water base in water with water.
  5. Why video went private(link only access)?
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