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  1. I don't want the game, definitely don't give it to me I would do an entire OS based on organic looking machinery I think that the best design copies nature. This one sort of does that in my eyes. .Just my 2 cents on the contest , I Just like the idea , saw a ton of interesting stuff on that gallery. Big fan , once I have my ducks in a row , I will try to make donations for at least a year monthly , but damn I'm just getting beached from paycheck to paycheck . Being a 9-5 drone really not paying off. Anyway thank you for the years of entertainment and the existential crisis you gave me.It woke me up and I suddenly felt like my brain booted out of safe mode and what came after was way better than anything else I knew. Gotta say a few men have shaped my life so far , proud to say you are one of them. I'd say you are on par with Michael Vincent , a deaf magician, in terms of awareness as a human being and connecting with people. And always impressed with the quality of your work of course. TLDR : *Insert mold joke* I appreciate you exist and do what you do.Keep on the good work.And damn I hope the movie releases during my lifetime.
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