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  1. (I know this is for the giveaway and not for sappy melodrama, but I didn't want to overload your mailbox, Ross, so I thought i'd write here.) Ross, I first saw you last July, when you made the Game List video and I've been a huge fan ever since. I've been watching your videos on almost a daily basis and I've seen all of them multiple times now. YOU ROCK MAN!! My life is genuinely better because of you!!! I can't get enough so I'm going through all the past chats with fans, and I love them too. You're such a big part of my life now, with your views on education, humanity's future, economy etc. etc. Wanted to say 3 things basically: 1) When you make decisions, consider that there are probably *thousands* of people like me, who absolutely *love* your work, but too shy or lazy to write a thank you! 2) Quality > quantity. I understand your perfectionism, and you said it yourself it's bad from a business perspective, but hell your videos are SO GOOD. It's your call, you can do whatever you want ultimately, but I just wanted to say I fully support your current priority of quality over quantity. 3) The monthly chats are priceless!! Please please keep them up!! It's so incredible how you're so open and approachable; I loved your normal videos, but the chats just made me feel that you're basically family. Don't want to get all melodramatic, but man you pulled me through some very rough times!! Good luck with The Movie! And best wishes to you and Magda!! I don't want the game, plz don't give it to me!! But just to maintain propriety, here's the skin I like best: 48.wsz
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