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  1. And here's attached zip file of a low-poly (because of the forum 8Mb upload file size limitation, full hi-poly geometry is about 70Mb in this example) 3d OBJ file that came out of it. With proper game settings (like first-person view and intent on actually capturing all angles of the level) the results would be better. This is what it looks like in 3D view (note, this was obtained from a YouTube video, not from GPU video memory locally): 83ac1cf7fd3e0ff01696cde41dd81cc06e5c8c3970489109a65bde6c94c16d22.zip
  2. This is what Luma AI was able to create from about 20 seconds from this moment (from 0:02:41 to 0:03:15) out of a random videogame footage.
  3. Yeah, maybe not all parts of dream software are done, but "capture gameplay video -> 3d static scene" seems to be possible with things like F2-NeRF today. teaser.mp4
  4. this is solved now Luma AI - Video to 3D API (lumalabs.ai)
  5. I've found a channel that does these videogame walks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBX_wRb6MXqG3WKIfseM4oA Now I know, it's not the same as walking in VR yourself, but it's a nice background video that could be a substitute if you have no access to a real Dream software.
  6. thanks to AI we now have an unlimited amount of art of any kind for ross, which anyone can remix and restyle infinite amount of times https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/9b163420246af7148d2ada11992a https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/de147b335704e4ec6bc28a201954 https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/7f84327c353e86a2964da52fc2fa https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/e5fcab8ae553d986aebe25e55bf2 https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/49c7a6284217d61824c099c7eb5e https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/978ecda9fe92aa20b505fe706def https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/159dec616d88f5825b909bda242e https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/808de01c84e3e0dbcbb8cc17d611 https://www.artbreeder.com/beta/image/c45cfb0552d33695725ab04caaed and so on...
  7. this project looks promising (at least in concept)
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