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  1. Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood , title of 2002 by Spellbound Entertainment. I download this game every few years or so, to re-experience entire campaign for reasons beyond my comprehension. I just have to. Given how atmospheric and fun this game is, I'm surprised to see nobody else has mentioned it already. I couldn't find other titles by Spellbound in here too. Either that or search engine is broken. There is nothing particularly impressive about the mechanics of the game or inner workings of it's engine. Basically, it's moving sprites across a still picture, much like Commandos series, or Desperados which is also made by Spellbound. For me, the game never EVER crashed, old hardware or new. (not tested win10) However, art style and attention to detail in this isometric perspective story driven journey is absolutely "MAGNIFICENT!" (if you played the game you'll get the pun) and while lacking in vocal variety, sound work is so solid that not once the repetition bugged me. I signed up to post this. Shutout to Ross, been watching since before he quit Machinima. Anyone else recall Legend of Sherwood with the fondest of memories?
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