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  1. I didn't really like this episode, but I blame Black Mesa East more than anything wrong with the show. NPCs talking at Gordon just isn't that entertaining, whether I'm playing the game or watching Freeman's Mind. The parts of this episode that made me laugh were all Gordon talking to himself.
  2. Really interesting game. The intro and the premise made me want to play it pretty much right away, but the rest of the video dissuaded me. Maybe I'll watch a longplay. Also, the Playstation version of this game has pretty awesome cover art: The three heroes trapped inside a single helmet and screaming. That's a good visual metaphor.
  3. 1:04:09 - Ross discovers the secret of happiness.
  4. 54:36 - "What the hell kind of puzzle is this? It's pretending to use logic, but it's just guess the button to press." Sounds like a typical adventure game puzzle.
  5. Prisoners lack the freedom to do what they want to. Free people have many activities other than work that they can spend their time on. When there are many enjoyable options, work isn't as appealing. In regards to prisoners being locked in against their will, a country has the opposite problem of people being free to leave. An ambitious and hardworking prisoner has to work with the options within the prison until his sentence is up. If a citizen of a country has the drive to work and try to get rich, he's not necessarily going to stick around and support the UBI state.
  6. 1:02:56 - Universal Basic Income and Prisons. I don't think running a country like a prison is a good idea.
  7. Walk-and-talk segments are my bane, and they're all over the place in modern games. They don't get me more invested in the story, they just make me wonder why I'm wasting my time.
  8. 1:04:40 - Gamecube Unemployment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FGuBatbTg
  9. 15:00 - If I were the cops, I'd be scuttling the boat and reporting that the suspect's body was washed downriver. At some point, you gotta cut your losses.
  10. I'm sure a new video will come any day now.
  11. I like how as soon as she steps into the shadows at 13:20, she just stops animating. Very efficient.
  12. Best episode this year. That warning shot was classic Freeman.
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