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  1. You can't buy it anymore, and if you already own it, you can't play it anymore (ouch!). This one is deader than disco.
  2. Looks like the devs abandoned this one too
  3. Aw, man. The Steam reviews on this one are just... sad.
  4. Nice graphics, interesting story, neat worldbuilding, good attention to detail, and mindblowingly obnoxious controls. I would describe the gameplay as "Super Meat Boy on Xen with noodle arms". The level design is just bad, as not only simply getting around is a tedious chore but it's also a "where the fuck do I go" kind of game where your destination is never clear and you do a lot of going in circles accidentally. The experience reminded me a lot of Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, except in that game the horrible controls were the point. Here, they just get in the way. I don't even want to know the end of the story because of how frustrating the whole thing is. And if you think I just hate difficulty: not at all, Dark Souls is one of my favourite games of all time. But A Story About My Uncle isn't just challenging; it made me feel like I was repeatedly trying to put a thread into the hole of a sewing needle while covered in oil and blind drunk. This game made me hate grappling hooks.
  5. Love/Hate for me. It's an homage to Myst. It's quite short, but sweet. Some of the puzzles are really easy. Some of the puzzles are hard, but good. One of the puzzles, when I found the solution, made me yell GET FUCKED at my screen so loud the neighbours almost called the cops.
  6. Pretty good game. Or rather, a potentially great game hampered by a million little annoyances, from bugs and glitches to odd design decisions. It's definitely the most "immersive sim" game I have played since Deus Ex 20 years ago (even more than Dishonored); lots of similarities especially in terms of gameplay, from the complexity of it all, a high emphasis on choice and making your decisions matter, a strange skill tree, interesting NPCs and lots of things to read, clunky combat, and so many things happening at once that it's hard to keep up. I guess you could call it a dialogue-heavy story-focused adventure-action-RPG. This game definitely tries to innovate and does a lot of things I've never seen before — for example, if you don't touch it for a minute or two, it automatically pauses itself; also you can LOSE experience points and end up with negative XP. I particularly appreciated the visual aesthetics, really great use of lights, shadows and colour grading, even if it's a bit heavy on the post-processing (too much film grain and you can't tone it down). The music is great as well. The story is a mix of good and nonsensical, but I liked the general tone of it. This game has a MOOD that is thick and comfy, like if Max Payne was set in London in 1918 and Max was a famous surgeon who got turned into a vampire. It definitely has the moral ambiguity since it incentivises you to be absolutely machiavellian, stealing money from homeless people and healing NPCs' illnesses so killing them and drinking their blood will grant you more XP. It's a pretty long game as well, it took me 60 hours to finish it and I rushed through several parts. It has good replay value since your choices really matter, I'll definitely play it again to try a different playstyle. I recommend it as long as you 're prepared for lots of dialogue and a complicated controls (if you know how to play piano or use an Ableton Push it shouldn't be a problem, and having a gaming mouse with extra buttons *really* helps).
  7. I don't see the appeal. The art is kinda ugly, the gameplay tedious and repetitive, and it's really short. The concept is pretty cool and interesting but the game itself is just a chore.
  8. Disappointing. This looks like Portal or The Talos Principle but is not even close in terms of quality. The overwhelming majority of the puzzles are REALLY easy to the point where this is almost a walking simulator... which would be OK if the story was good. It's not. It makes little sense, it brings a lot of questions but answers none of them, and the ending is really poor. There are hidden "audio logs" but they sound so bad it's impossible to understand all the words, I understand this is an artistic decision but then WHY DON'T THEY HAVE SUBTITLES? Everything else has! To be fair, the music is pretty good and the game is kinda aesthetic, sometimes to a fault. I liked the lighting effects. Sadly there's also a bunch of bugs and glitches, none of them are game-breaking but they can get annoying. Some textures don't seem to load properly. Also, there is the option to run the game in DirectX 12 instead of DX11. The game looks exactly the same, but runs slower. Go figure. If you want an easy puzzle game with a stupid story that will occupy you for a few hours, honestly you could do worse. I got it on sale for really cheap so I'm not really mad. Just disappointed.
  9. This one is a mixed bag. It's a bit hard to recommend because it is barely a game, it's more like what people nowadays call "walking simulators" (except it has more swimming than walking, but you get the idea). I liked the graphics, the music and the atmosphere. It's very contemplative and quite relaxing. Sometimes it feels a bit like... an interactive painting? It somewhat reminded me of Tomb Raider 3, if it had zero combat and was mostly underwater. I didn't like the fact that nothing was explained. Who are you? What's going on? What are these little robots? Is there a point in activating the fish things? It's also a bit of a "where the fuck do I go" kind of game, but it's kind of okay since you can admire the scenery while you are trying to find your way. This game is 10% puzzle, 20% exploration, 70% just vibing. Extremely chill, but a bit pointless.
  10. I'm less aggressive than you, you attacked first, I'm just being fair. Are you drunk or something? Why are you using "lol" as a sign of punctuation? And more importantly, can you actually explain your previous reply? It looks totally nonsensical and out of place to me.
  11. No longer available on Steam
  12. what the fuck are you even talking about?
  13. Underrated. Possibly my favourite horror game ever. The plot and core gameplay are very similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but this game is everything Amnesia wishes it was. Great mechanics (turning the lights on or off interacts with the environment in unexpected and clever ways), graphics are simplistic but nice if you like pixel art, the sound design is PHENOMENAL - I recommend playing with headphones! - there's a great balance between platforming, puzzles, and exploration. It also has the best jumpscares in any horror game I've ever played, they're few and far in between but very impactful and beautifully executed. I usually don't like the term "atmospheric" but it fits this game perfectly. Can't recommend this game enough, it's a 10/10 in my opinion.
  14. Overrated as hell. Good graphics, super tedious gameplay. Pretty, but not fun.
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