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  1. I might be crazy but I really really cannot take a machinima that plays it straight serious. Maybe I'm just biased because I used to make crappy machinima videos as a kid with my friends, but there's just something so jarring about seeing a story being told in a game engine that asks me to give a damn. I don't want to minimize the work that people put into their shows either. I've seen some works come out of the machinima community that on purely a technical level are quite impressive. I have a few friends I've made through online message boards that gave me serious voice over roles in their shows back when I was in high school, so mad respect. Am I the only one, who is not an outsider to machinima, that feels this way?
  2. Halo Wars. Being babies first RTS on a console helped introduce a lot of people to the genre, myself included. Those Blur cutscenes are absolutely stunning. Also if you like video game soundtracks give the track Insignificantia a listen. Despite not being composed by Marty O'Donnell who did the original Halo trilogy, the track sounds just like something he'd compose. Something that Halo 4 and 5 sorely needed.
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