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  1. Heads up, the original version of this game (released in 2016 as per the OP) was released separately as freeware in "Shrouded In Sanity: Freebirth" , links to Steam Store page. The paid-for version includes post-game updates like the multiple playable characters, boss rush, wave survival mode... none of which I would say are worth the entry fee. It's a neat little game, pretty rough around the edges but the compact level design built around a single checkpoint really carried it for me. Good atmosphere and pacing. Not so good writing or characters.
  2. Agreeing with Mira here, it's half an hour long but still manages to be somewhat tedious with the bumper-car "combat". Has some fantastic visual storytelling while being appropriately stressful. "Annoying but leaves you fondly reflecting on it", which is a recommendation, of sorts, I guess.
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