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  1. I found the game very challenging, and quite enjoyable. I have over 50hrs in this game. One of my favorites. "Fantastic" subjective rating for me.
  2. I quite enjoyed this game. A bit tedious at times, but it was worth it to get lost in the world. I liked the music and voice acting. One of my faves. I'd give it a subjective rating of "Good/Great"
  3. I really liked the beautiful graphics. Enjoyable game. Something about the game seemed pretty clumsy, just a touch more polish would be nice. I put a bunch of hours into it, then cheated to get somewhere, which disabled achievements, and I just lost all motivation to play. I regret my choice. I hope to play it again some day without cheating.
  4. I thought I'd totally love this game. Published by one of my favorite game publishers, annapurna interactive. It seems like I SHOULD really like it with the charm and graphics style. Reading the speech bubbles without voice actors kinda causes me to loose attention. I'm sure I'll give it a try again.
  5. "Fantastic" subjective ratings for me. I'm a big fan. I have 70+ hrs in this game. I'm currently playing the sequel "Below Zero"! Love the Subnautica series. A bit "grindy" but it's so delightful to explore the beautiful undersea world, I don't mind going back out to look for another thing of silver or something to build the next thing.
  6. A great game, loved it! Really cool cyberpunk style. Great voice acting. Really cool. This wins a "Fantastic" subjective rating from me.
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