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  1. On the cutscene death, I'd really like you to have checked to see if turning off the god mode in the trainer and getting attacked mid-cutscene actually killed you in this game. Because in some games, the health bar doesn't drop if you get attacked mid cutscene. The NPC continues attacking during the cutscene, and it's really annoying, but when the cutscene ends, your health bar remains what it was before the cutscene began. At least, in some games. Don't ask me which games. I can't remember. That's what my memory tells me. On the Jewish caricature, honestly this game's writing and gameplay design is so atrociously bad, that I think that the devs' use of that Jewish stereotype(and the unnecessary dark dwarves/regular dwarves distinction) was legitimately done out of sheer ignorance, rather than a conscious deliberate attempt at being racist out of malice. To be clear, the inclusion of that merchant in that manner is definitely racist, and it made me have a "OMG I can't believe you thought that that's an appropriate thing to add in the game!" facepalm moment, but I woudn't read too much into it. Although..., come to think of it, it is also possible that the game is as bad as it is, precisely because the devs might have, let's just say racist tendencies, and therefore lack the skill to write a complex well-presented plot. I'm inclined to lean towards the former hypothesis due to the sheer scale of incompetence on display, but it is possible that it could be the latter. Also the hitbox illustration for looting bodies was really nice. Is that the new editor's work? If so, well done. If not, still, well done. Anyway thanks for the video Ross! Had a blast! Cheers!
  2. https://mmos.com/news/ubisoft-deleted-account-with-hundreds-of-dollars-worth-of-games-for-inactivity A reminder that you're not buying games, you're just licensing them.
  3. Linux is better if you only have 4GB of RAM. But, if you absolutely must use Windows 10, then you may try "increasing" its performance by disabling many of the telemetry stuff using this batch script https://gist.github.com/vip3rc0de/a0d2d90f52f9e7c90de0 Also this powershell script https://github.com/clong/MakeWindows10GreatAgain Also turn off animations and "Fade" in Advanced System Settings > Advanced(Tab) > Performance Settings > Visual Effects. That always makes things feel snappier.
  4. I wouldn't mind listening to Ross "yodel" Linkin Park's Faint :D Also no awards again? No more game dungeon awards anymore?
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