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  1. https://mmos.com/news/ubisoft-deleted-account-with-hundreds-of-dollars-worth-of-games-for-inactivity A reminder that you're not buying games, you're just licensing them.
  2. Linux is better if you only have 4GB of RAM. But, if you absolutely must use Windows 10, then you may try "increasing" its performance by disabling many of the telemetry stuff using this batch script https://gist.github.com/vip3rc0de/a0d2d90f52f9e7c90de0 Also this powershell script https://github.com/clong/MakeWindows10GreatAgain Also turn off animations and "Fade" in Advanced System Settings > Advanced(Tab) > Performance Settings > Visual Effects. That always makes things feel snappier.
  3. I wouldn't mind listening to Ross "yodel" Linkin Park's Faint :D Also no awards again? No more game dungeon awards anymore?
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