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  1. One time I was at the gas station and Ross in a neon pink VW beetle pulled up and parked diagonally over 2 handicapped parking spots (actually only 1.5 spots because it was a beetle). And Ross got out wearing those sunglasses from the Crew episode of Game Dungeon. And then he walked inside and I was just lookin at em. He said “Whatchu lookin at huh” and I was like “The mop on your head” and the cashier started laughing. Ross knowing he had been pwned, grabbed 5 hostess snack cakes and bolted out the door. And then everyone clapped, the end
  2. Has Ross/Toby said anything about whether or not they will release the map files used in Freeman's Mind 2? Asking because I'm a sourcemod nut and would love to poke around in the maps if they were ok with releasing them.
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