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  1. I fell on hard times (Covid really F- my finances) and had to sell my RTX 2070 and am using my old backup GPU 7850 for the time being. but when I sold my RTX I didn't put it up for over MSRP. I put it for under. and only gave it to the person that was actually gonna use it for Gaming and not resell it for a profit. the dude sent me a picture of him actually using the GPU. So that felt good. I have a really good friend whos looking to buy another Liquid cooled 1080ti for me to use as payback from all the parts i gave him to start PC gaming over the years. Tho this 7850 is still good. I am playing BF4 at well over 60fps 1080p medium high settings with 2xAA. just thought to share my story with everyone trying to get GPUs WELL above MSRP.
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