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  1. minecraft fishing. No minigame, just push button get fish. no clue why it's so satisfying but I will literally just build a little shack to sleep in and a dock to fish from with a couple chests for fish and loot and that's basically it.
  2. Emby

    can crabs swim?

  3. I mean I know they can walk around on the bottom but like can they go up and down too
  4. you probably didn't remember saying racist stuff because you weren't actively thinking about saying racist stuff. doesn't mean racist stuff didn't come out
  5. It's not that you make too much or not enough, it's that you keep saying racist stuff
  6. the difference between the two of you is that I wouldn't invite you over to hang out
  7. I can't believe this dude thinks this kind of casual racism is acceptable anywhere outside of his own house
  8. sorry to say but if the comedy industry has to die in order to end racism then the comedy industry has to die
  9. if you ingroup and immediate family are the only people who agree with you, and then not even all of them, then yes you most definitely are being ostracized by the rest of society
  10. this is probably going to blow people's mind, but I act like an sjw and a raging angry feminist off the internet too
  11. lol I don't have much room to talk I guess. I used to hang out with the kid who said the N word in high school and I thought it was normal and it was fine because I wasn't the one saying the N word and being racist. But then rodney king happened and FOR SOME REASON I GOT THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF ME! What the hell man, I never said the N word! dont worry, it took me a few years to figure it out too
  12. "You can't be racist at work because that's the only place it's illegal"
  13. You know it's different when someone who doesn't have a history of killing your people makes a joke about your people, right?
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